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Thanks for taking a look at our beautiful, handcrafted solid Oak Gates ...

Oak Gates and Posts, Oak Garden Gates and Oak Entrance Gates for Driveways and Properties and Estates. Bespoke Oak Gate Designs are now part of the Oak Gates range delivered to you with our quality automated opening systems and hand wrought iron- mongery. Made to last we stand behind the quality of this premium and sustainable  natural product.


We use the highest quality Seasoned European Oak available. Couple this with the craftsmen who know how to use it to bring you what we beleive are some of the best Oak Entrance Gates and Driveway and Garage Oak Gates available on the market today.



In case your wondering Oak Gates has been around a long time now with an impeccable history of supplying beautiful high quality oak gates and posts.


Our timber is sourced from responsibly managed and renewable sources.

Ordering Oak Gates? What is important to know when you are ordering a premium product.


The workmanship and the stability or durability. It is likely you will only want to order your gates once.


Our handcrafted gates are 80mm thick as standard. They are extremely hard wearing and can last a lifetime. oak Gates are fully handcrafted and can be delivered for self installation or we can install complete with opening systems throughout the whole of Europe.


We use a frame, leg and brace system to hold the gate true and minimise unwanted movement.


Our extensive experience in Oak Framing ensures a quality product with excellent customer service and the option of installation.


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